This Space

One of the most important things when you have depression is to take care of yourself. It is sometimes hard, but if you think about it everyone does it, one way or another. Sometimes is not about taking care but about creating this special moment with you. I used to smoke and sometimes the fact of being alone with my cigarette made me feel better. I created my own space, sacred, and felt kind of loved. I wasn’t taking care of myself because smoking is bad but I was in some way. The same happens with people and food.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about my new habits, and how they are helping me on the short and the long term. I will just say one word: Meditation. Relax. Mindfulness. Yoga. I know, that’s more than one word.

I am using this app, Pacifica, it is amazing. It got my attention because it is sooo complete and so colourful and pretty. I feel very taken care of and I love it.

Now I am trying new things like, when I feel stressed and panicky I try to breath and count till 4 and I also try to be more on earth meaning that I try to engage more with my environment and when I have bad feelings I tell myself they are only in my mind and that things are not as bad as I thing.



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