I am not selfish.

The world is not perfect. Is not even close to perfection. Society, parents. Imperfect. Selfish.

I believe and always believed in people selfishness. It is not a presumption. It is something I see everyday.

I see people limiting themselves to new opportunities, to engagements, because of their selfishness. Because they think their opinion matters more, because they talk when they can listen, and with words they close doors.

I am a conciliatory. I want families to get along, to be together and support each other. I want society to fight together and in the same direction and not individuals fighting against each other.

I have failed. I didn’t know what I was since I really put that into words. I always thought that way. I was in my house, watching at my family fighting with each other, while I was creating this space inside me. I wasn’t good communicating my feelings and thoughts. I wasn’t present many times.

In my head everything is different, I don’t play the same game. That’s what separates me from you.

I don’t want to play this game, and at the same time I don’t want to feel left apart, behind.

I don’t understand why you fight if you can love. Why you take a small word a person said and do it so big and bad. Why you take their words to prove they are bad. What is your goal? To prove that you are better, that they are worse? Don’t you realise that that way you only separating yourself from us?

Sometimes I get to obsessed, it is all I can see. I want to enjoy my life, I want to be free, to fly and flow and to not be stuck. I want to let it go, I am not going to fix the world or other peoples problems in one day, not even in one year, and probably never in a lifetime.

I have to enjoy my life.

And to believe in it, in what I think is real. In love. 3496482185c02dc085fc2beee04fe880


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