The things you want

It is difficult to look for the things you want when it involves other people. Like when you would like to have you house clean but for that you need to agree to clean with the person you live with. Or when he does something you don’t like and affects you and you have to confront him.

That’s what I don’t like, confrontation.

And for that I have avoided people, I still do, it is so difficult for me. It is impossible to avoid your partner or family you live with though. It is a struggle for me.

When you say something to someone that you don’t like about them they are not going to be happy. Is not about you is about themselves, they will feel frustrated about themselves. I have to stop expecting a good reaction after a I do a criticism. But it sometimes hurts me so deeply to see that I am hurting someone. I don’t know how to move on, how to live with it. It alters my peace. I would rather say nothing than feeling all this mess, and if the thing gets too bad I will go. I disengage. I don’t create or live my live with somebody, I can’t. Not all the time.

I make mountains from little problems. If I analyse the situation is not that bad. It is very silly indeed. It is not for to be crying and being so fatalist about everything and my relationship, etc.

I can’t stop telling you what I don’t like, I won’t just shut my mouth for the sake of make you happy. I need to confront this. The time is now. And whatever happens happens.




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