I am good

Sometimes I get over excited or over motivated. That’s when I am in peace with myself, when I am not worried because I understand my feelings. My happiness rate should not be determined by that. It is just a fact. I can be happy other times when I don’t like myself. Or I can be unhappy at this moment when I am in peace with me. For reasons that I won’t explain today.

One thing is true, is a fact. It is that I am good, and that I am good with others. I always try my best, I worry. Overthink and over worry, because I care. And I won’t say I shouldn’t worry that much etc. This is who I am and I can’t change myself. I am sick of struggling, fighting against me, when it is the world what bothers me. I can’t change it but I cannot change me either, I cannot became a worse person on purpose just because I want to fit in.

I won’t. Because I am good.


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